Behavioral Health & Substance Abuse Monitoring

SouthEast Lab Services is dedicated to working collaboratively with Substance Abuse & Behavioral Health Treatment Providers.

We can assist in managing the prescription medication needs of patients seen for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Medication Monitoring, and Drug Testing services.  SouthEast Lab Services provides these necessary tools to assist practitioners in making clinical decisions to support co-occurring disorders and substance abuse populations.

Our company is committed to empowering healthcare industry professionals to make informed clinical decisions for improved patient care. We are a full-service state-of-the-art facility offering technologically advanced solutions for clinical applications while delivering the highest quality, scientifically proven results to our clients.


Medication Monitoring

SouthEast Lab Services drug testing is an important clinical tool in patient care.

Whether you're a Medication Assisted Treatment Program (MAT), or a physician prescribing Buprenorphine in a small practice setting, SouthEast Lab Services drug testing is an essential tool in patient care. 

We have been partnering with health care providers in several different clinical practices from pain management with opioid medications, primary care, psychiatry, and other situations when healthcare providers need to determine whether alcohol or other substance abuse has occurred with patients. 

Our Medication Compliance program is a vital tool for monitoring patient treatment with prescribed medications that have a potential for abuse (e.g., opioid pain medication, sedatives, ADHD medication). SouthEast Lab Services results can reveal whether or not patients have complied with their prescribed medication. The Compliance program can also assist pain management practitioners who provide medication management for patients taking opioids for chronic pain. Long-term treatment with opioids requires monitoring for continued effectiveness for chronic pain relief.